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“From the moment we embraced iMA morale hit an all time high, staff turnover an all time low, absenteeism was the lowest in the Guardian group of companies and sales increased 10% year on year.” David Beeney | Commercial Director, AutoTrader PLC
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iMA Technology is being used by companies like Gumtree, Reed Global, PWC, Local World, Adecco, AutoTrader, Bellevue Coach, Cisco Systems, City of Westminster, Coca-Cola, Employers Mutual, NHS, Whirlpool.

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The key to Success in any organization in the digital age is developing the vital ingredients of creativity and still maintaining order.

Communications is the glue that holds the whole thing together.

The nature and style of communications is changing.

It is critical for key decision-makers to keep up with this rapid pace of change.

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iMA Audit a smarter communications solution.

of employees no longer have a fixed desk in a traditional office
of staff said they worked from home or from all outside the office" several days per week or more"

It is this mobility trend that is driving a desire for smarter communication solutions.

The workforce in the digital age is hungry for communication solutions that allow them to collaborate and innovate.

iMA  can make a massive difference to collaboration in your industry.

It is about how human interaction moves forward alongside technology by bridging the communications gap between expectation and reality.

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